PVC Stabilizer (Ca/Zn) for Pipe

Basic Info

JCZ-6503B environmental friendly PVC Ca-Zn (Calcium-Zinc) stabilizer, passed the antioxidant test and weatherability optimization test. It is in full compliance with RoHS of EU without banned chemical and heavy metals such as lead, barium, cadmium, mercury, etc. And it passed the SGS certification. 

Appearance: White powder; Odor: Odorless

The JCZ series environmental friendly PVC Ca-Zn(Calcium-Zinc) compound stabilizer JCZ-6503B adopts a new type hydrotalcite developed based on the supermolecule(supramolecular) chemistry and the idea of intercalation assembly. In the process of combining hydrotalcite, hydrotalcite is modified through self-assembly intercalation, then use molecular sieve to finish filter. N the meantime of maintaining the structure of hydrotalcite, it makes its grain size small enough, to get bigger specific surface area, which enlarged the contact area with PVC, multiplied the ability of absorbing hydrogen chloride, so as improved the product stability. Adding organic polymer and polycarboxylic acid greatlyenhanced the initial color holds abilities, as well as stability and weatherability in later stage. 

The JCZ-6503B PVC Ca/Zn stabilizer is applicable in the extrusion molding production of all the pipes, such as water supply pipes, and drain pipes, etc. 


Environmental Friendly: It is environmental friendly, non-toxic, no heavy metal and no sulfide contamination, BPA free.

High quality and reasonable price: Small dosage, 2.5-3.5phr in the GB standard drain pipes. Only an extra cost of around US$10.0 is added in per ton tube to realize the lead-free change on the conditions of the same performance. While to realize the non-lead adjustment, organic tin and calcium zinc will beyond about 100$ per ton of pipe. 

Macromolecule do not dissolve out: The main stabilizer is combined by hydrotalcite and organic polymer, with no lubricity. Macromolecule do not dissolve out, it could be processed stably and for ages. 

With excellent color holding, stability, weatherability and processability.

6. SHELF LIFE: 1 year. JCZ-6503B product maintains its effectiveness for considerably longer time when stored in cool and dry room, avoid direct sunlight. 

7. PACKAGING: Packed in plastic weaved bag, lined with a PE bag, 25kg in weight. Alternative packaging is available upon customers' request.