PVC Stablizer Auxiliary Agent JT-980

Product Detail

JT-980 heat stabilizer is high efficient liquid, sulfur containing, methyl tin mercaptide for all PVC processes, like trusion, calendering, injection molding and blow molding etc. It provides outstanding transparency, excellent early color hold and superior thermal stability.

Product specifications
Tin content (%) 19min
Mercapto sulfur content(%) 11.5-12.5
Color (PT-Co) 50max
Specific Gravity (25C, g/cm3) 1.16-1.19
Viscosity (25C, mPa. S) 20-80
Monomethyl tin content (%) 19.0-29.0
Trimethyl tin content (%) 0.2max
Packed in 200kg iron drum or as per customer's requirement.