Reverse Ester Tin Stabilizer, PVC Stabilizer

Basic Info

Package:as per customer's requestSpecification:SGS    
1.Product Name
Reverse ester tin
2.Product Description
Reverse ester tin is high efficiency heat stabilizer. After many years of technical research and development, the company successfully create the light smell reverse ester with brilliant lubricity to replace normal methyl tin mercaptide anion. It provides excellent early color hold and terrific processability. It shows superior performance in transparent sheet processes.
3.Product Features
Excellent early color hold and outstanding long-term thermal stability.
Terrific lubricity and processability.
Slight smell and easy operation.
4.Product Specification
AppearanceLight yellow transparent oily liquid Color(Pt-Co) 200 Refractive index(25C)1.507~1.511 Viscosity(25C, mPas)60~100 Specifc gravity(25C, g/cm3)1.13~1.16 Mercapto Sulfur content(%)11.5~12.5
Available in 200kg drum, non-returnable plastic totes, but also as per the customers` requests.
6.Storage and Handling
The materials are recommended to be stored indoor and dry place. Keep away from water and avoid the air contact directly. Operators should wear protective equipment, and washing timely after contacting human skin with soap. Use the plastic, stainless steel or glass instruments during the transportation. 

Applications: Pipes, Tubes, Profile, Strech Film, Shrink Film, Medical Plastics, PVC Sheet, Packaging Materials, Wrapper, Bottles, PVC coumpounds, Card and so on..
Processing Technic: Extrusion, Blow Moulding, Injection, Foaming, Calendaring., etc.