Reverse Ester Tin Stabilizer

Basic Info

Package:200 kg Drum      Specification:SGS
HS Code:2931909090Production Capacity:5000 Tons Per Year

Reverse ester tin is high efficiency, liquid, sulfur containing, reverse ester methyl tin stabilizer for demanding rigid PVC processes. It is uniquely designed to provide excellent early color hold and long-term processing stability. 

Typical Physical Properties 
Physical Form Clear Oily Liquid, Yellow 
Color (Pt-Co) ≤200 
Viscosity (25º C, Cps) 50 
Specific Gravity (20º C) 1.025 
Sulfur content (%) 11.2 
Tin content (%)  ≥6.5 
Standard Packaging 
200 kg drum 
Non-returnable plastic tote 
Product Benefits 
1. Excellent early color hold and outstanding dynamiclong-term stability 
2. Uniquely formulated for optimum cost-performance.
3. Recommended for potable water pipe ( approval pending ),DWV, sewer and irrigation pipes 
Also, recommended for electric conduits, siding and fencing substrates.