SGS Certification Plasticizer Tributyl Citrate

Basic Info

Tributyl citrate (TBC)

1.Technical Index

AppearanceColorless Transparent liquid
Relative density,25 C, cm3/g1.037-1.045
Water content(wt)0.10
Refractive index(25 C/D)1.443-1.445
Heavy metal(base on Pb) 10ppm
Arsenic (As)3 ppm
Flash Point C ,(open cup)           185

2.Production Application                                                                                   
Tributyl citrate (TBC) is colorless oily liquid, it can be dissolved in most of the organic solvent, has low volatility plasticized high efficiency, it is dissolved in resin easily, TBC can increase the products low temperature resistance, water resistance, fungus resistance, it is nonpoisonous. 
TBC is nonpoisonous plasticizer and can be use as the plasticizer in the production of Nonpoisonous PVC granulation, foodpackage, children's toy and medical product, polrvinyl chlofide, vinyl chloride copolymer.

Package:Iron drum,net wt 200kg per drum.with 16mt per 20'fcl
        IBC drum,net wt 1000kg.with 20mt per 20'fcl
        Flexitank:with 23mt.
        ISO tank,with 23mt

Storage: Store in a cool, ventilated, dry place, as a general chemical transport.