What is the function of plasticizers?

Plasticizersare the largest additives in modern plastics industry, and play a decisive role in promoting the development of plastics industry, especially PVC industry.

Where can and resin mixing, not chemical changes occur when mixed, but can reduce the melt viscosity of the material of the glass transition temperature and the plastic molding process, and itself remains unchanged, or if the chemical changes but the long-term retention of certain physical properties in plastic products and can change resin, which has these properties of liquid solid organic compounds or low melting point, are called plasticizers.

In fact, plasticization has been used as early as in the primitive society, and plasticizers have also originated in the invention of primitive man. Such as:

Pottery clay -- water, ancient oil soluble in asphalt for waterproofing materials used for waterproof, fill the seams of a ship, where oil plasticizer. There are so soft leather with oil, oil is the most durable plasticizer

Advantages of plasticizers

Reduce modulus of elasticity and tensile strength at break

Increase extensibility and elongation at break

Improved softness

Improved reversible bending strength

Improved toughness and impact strength

Decreasing glass transition temperature

Applicable types of expanded polymers at lower temperatures

Improved adhesion to various substrates

Improve or reduce the sealing property of film

Improve lubrication performance and reduce friction

Reduce electrostatic charge capacity, improve surface gloss and appearance

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