What is the use of plasticizer? What is the use of harm?

Plasticizer refers to the plasticizer that increases the plasticity of the plastic, improves the fluidity of the resin during molding, and makes the article have flexible organic substances. It is usually some high boiling, hard to volatile viscous liquid or low melting point of the solid, generally do not react with the plastic chemical.

Plasticizer must first have good compatibility with the resin, the better the compatibility, the better the plasticizing effect. Adding a plasticizer reduces the glass transition temperature of the plastic, making the hard and rigid plastic soft and pliable. Generally requires plasticizer colorless, non-toxic, odorless, light, heat, cold, volatile and small mobility, non-combustible and chemical stability, cheap and easy to get. In fact, a plasticizer can not meet all of the above requirements.

Plasticizer based on its role in the main plasticizer, that is, solvent-based plasticizer; auxiliary plasticizer, that is, non-solvent-based plasticizer; catalyst-based plasticizer; according to its chemical structure is divided into phthalates , Fatty acid esters, phosphates, polyesters, epoxy esters, chlorine-containing compounds and the like. Commonly used plasticizers are dibutyl phthalate (DBP), dioctyl phthalate (DOP), epoxy soybean oil, tricresyl phosphate, triphenyl phosphate, dioctyl sebacate, Chlorinated paraffin and so on. PVC is the main end user of these plasticizers. The main application areas of plasticizers added PVC are wire, cable, floor and wall veneer, building materials, automotive and packaging materials.

Plasticizer in all plastic additives in the largest amount. China's total capacity of about 1 million tons, plasticizers to a comprehensive performance, excellent price of phthalate-based, the world's four major production and consumption of countries and regions - the United States, Western Europe, Japan, China's consumption Accounting for 70% to 90%.

Plastic products controversy from the cling film, in fact, in addition to as a cling film, PVC products and human health, life-related areas in a wide range of applications, it is difficult to replace all other materials, such as latex gloves, plasma Bags, some blood transfusion, infusion, breathing apparatus, children's toys, artificial leather (used as clothing, shoe materials, handbags, sofa fabrics, etc.). At present, foreign products and plasticizers used in these products have strict regulations or corresponding recommendations, and in China, the production of these products used in most of the plasticizer is still DEHA, DOP, DEHP, DINP, etc. Traditional type of plasticizer. Many animal experiments at home and abroad have shown that these plasticizers are harmful to organisms, but some experts have pointed out that many of these experiments are only completed under certain conditions, the use of traditional plasticizer production of PVC products in the existing The use of norms on the possibility of harm to the human body is minimal.


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