what plasticizers are used in pvc

In PVC, plasticizers are divided into main bai plasticizer, auxiliary plasticizer and co-du plasticizer.

The most commonly used main plasticizers are zhi phthalates. Dao occupies about 70% of the market share. Phthalate-phthalate esters headed by bis(2-ethylhexyl phthalate) (DOP or DEHP) are the best category of monomer plasticizers.

Aliphatic compounds can also be used as plasticizers, usually adipic acid series. Generally, adipate is volatile and extractable, but compared with phthalate, it can provide better low temperature toughness.

In addition, epoxy compounds and trimellitates also have certain market demand.

Polymer plasticizers are highly efficient special plasticizers. Due to their chemical similarity with monomer esters, they have the same performance and durability.

Co-plasticizers are additives that provide flexibility but do not meet the requirements of basic plasticizers. Adding petroleum derivatives can reduce costs. These petroleum derivatives are usually composed of aliphatic, aromatic or chlorinated hydrocarbons.

The other ingredients of the formulations containing ester functional groups are co-plasticizers. The main examples are epoxidized oils and esters, which in addition to supplementing plasticization, can also increase thermal stability.