Zinc Stearate for Color Masteratch

Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Kind:Stabilizer

  • Appearance:Powder

  • Zinc Content/%:10.3-11.3

  • Free Acid/%:0.5 Max

  • Loss on Drying/%:1.0 Max

  • Melting Point/Deg C:115-125

Product Description
Chemical name: Zinc stearate, zinc salt
CAS No.: 557-05-1
Appearance: White fine powder
Molecular formula: Zn (C17H35COO) 2.
Molecular weight: M=631.
Physical and Chemical Properties: White fine powder, soapy, non-toxic, specific gravity of 1.095, insoluble in
water, but soluble in organic solvent like hot ethanol, benzene and turpentine etc. It will absorb moisture in air
and decompound into stearate and zinc when meeting strong acid.
Product quality: The standard HG/T 3667-2000

Used as non-toxic heat stabilizer in plastic raw materials, plastic color masterbatch, ABS, rubber, masterbatch processing etc.