Eco-Friendly Plasticizer

Eco-Friendly Plasticizer
Product Details

Product Introduction:

J288 Eco-Friendly Plasticizer is JIAAO self-developed compound plasticizer. J288 Eco-Friendly Plasticizer is a transparent oily liquid, odourless. J288 Eco-Friendly Plasticizer is excellent in intermiscibility , heat / light stability, processability, stain resistance etc. J288 Eco-Friendly Plasticizer can be repleace DOP(dioctyl phthalate) and DBP.J288 Eco-Friendly Plasticizer has been proved that it has the minimum influence to our environment during its useful life. It is eco - friend, tested by SGS, comply REACH ( 191 SVCH ) RoSH ( Non- 16P, PAHs ).

Good intermiscibility is the basic requirement for Eco-Friendly Plasticizer. The so-called good intermiscibility means that the polymer can hold as much plasticizer as possible. And form a uniform and stable system. Without phase separation, no bleeding occurs.

Light-heat stability and low-temperature and cold-resistance. Plastic products are required to maintain their softness during processing and use. This requires plasticizers to have heat-resistance, light-resistance and low-temperature resistance. Where heat consumption increases Plasticizers have poor heat resistance.Light-heat stability, good low-temperature and cold-resistance ,plasticizers have a long service life.

Product Application:

J288 Eco-Friendly Plasticizer are widely apply in all kinds of PVC products as primary plasticizer. Like children toys, textilene, calendered film, plastic products, plastic film , wire and cable, gas pipe Rubber sealing strip, tubular product Footwear, artificial leather, PVC medical products and gaskets .Also it has been found that The J288 Eco-Friendly Plasticizer has features of efficient, good impermissibility, high safety factor and flexible.

Product Specification:



Color Shade ( Pt - Co ) Max


Acid Value mg KOH/g Max


Flash Point ℃ Min


Density 20℃ g/cm³

0.965 - 0.985

Moisture Content % Max


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