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Scientific Name: Trioctyl Trimellitate       

H. S. CODE: 2917399090

CAS NO.: 3319-31-1

MW: 546.23

Physical properties: transparent oily liquid, slightly odorous

Chemical properties: molecular formula C33H54O6, relative density is about 0.980-0.990 (20 ℃)

Main uses: suitable for PVC, vinyl chloride copolymer, nitrocellulose, ethyl butyric acid cellulose, polymethylmethacrylate and other plastics. The plasticizing efficiency and processability are similar to those of phthalate plasticizers, and the durability and electrical properties are excellent. It can be used for heat-resistant and durable products such as heat-resistant wire and cable material, plate, sheet gasket, etc.

Package:200KGS/Iron Drum,1MT/IBC TANK,22MTS/Flexitank

Brand: Zhejiang Jiaao

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