Low Volatility Cold-resistant Pvc Additive DOS

Low Volatility Cold-resistant Pvc Additive DOS
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Low volatility cold-resistant pvc additive DOS

Application Guide: 
1.DOS is an excellent cold-resistant plasticizer, with high plasticizing efficiency, high stability and low volatility. Except good cold-resistance, it also has good heat-resistance, light-resistance, electric and insulation, suitable for PVC, EVC, polystyrene and synthetic rubber resins. 
2. Especially suitable for the production of cold-resistant wire, cable material, luxury food, meat plastic wrap, artificial leather, thin film, conveyer belt, board, sheet, etc. Usually be used with PA esters. 
3. As the low-temperature plasticizer for synthetic rubbers, DOS has no effect on the vulcanization of rubber. 

Standard: Q/JAHG003 HG/T 3502-1989(DOS)

Standard   Item

Grade One

Color  Shade, (Pt- Co ) max


Density ( 20deg.c) g /cm3


Acidity , mg KOH/g max


Flashing Point, deg.c min


Loss upon Heat, % max


Package:180kg/ Iron Drum, 900kg/ IBC, 20mts/ Flexi-bag in bulk

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