Natural Plant Oil Plasticizer

Natural Plant Oil Plasticizer
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Product Details

Product Description:

This ECO-friendly plasticizer is manufactured mainly through process of soybean oil derivative modification. It has features of high intermiscibility with PVC, lower freezing point than Epoxidized Soybean Oil (ESO) and higher mechanical property than ESO. Thus it is an upgraded product of ESO, applied to be additives for polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyvinyl acetate and etc.

Technical Index:


Normal Grade

Testing method


Achromatous and transparent oily liquid

Via naked eye

Color shade, Pt-Co,#   ≤



Freezing Point,℃



Flashing Point ℃  ≥



Moisture,% ≤




Application field:

This product has passed European Union (EU)’s certifications of RoHs and tests of PAHS、Phthalates and SVHC. Widely used in PVC rolling and extrusion, soft/hard/semi-hard moulding, such as artificial leather, leather flooring, cable and wire, conveyer belt, PVC foam board, sealing strip, rolling film, printing film, flocking glue, foam sheet, shoe sole and etc. 

Performance comparison between ESO and JEC

1、Against Intermiscibility with PVC

1、Against Intermiscibility with PVC.png

Measuring method is to use the water free index to calculate products’ intermiscibility with PVC, the higher the number, better the performance.

JEC excels at intermiscibility with PVC.

2、Against Tensile Strength(40 dosage additive in recipe, same below)

Against Tensile Strength.png

It results that JEC has a better tensile strength than ESO.

3、Against Elongation at break %

Against Elongation at break %.png

JEC excels at elongation at break.

4、Against Maximum Table Load N

Against Maximum Table Load N.png

JEC performs better than ESO against maximum table load.

5、Against Product Hardness

Against Product Hardness.png

It turns out that JEC products has a better softness property than ESO.

All the experimental date is for reference only due to differences between testing machines and testing methods.

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