2018 Plasticizers Could Be End On A Negative Note

However, the plasticizer market is still not good, whether the external bad or domestic demand is insufficient, the market by negative factors obviously depressed, in 2018 plasticizer industry is still mostly with the end of the decline, 2019 market is also difficult to have a good start, in view of the market for a long time weak low, zhongyu information will make the following analysis.

Domestic demand is insufficient, rigid situation will have a continuation, insufficient for stock anticipation.Whether it is environmental protection and other external factors, or industry surplus, it is difficult to gain profit internal factors, terminal PVC soft products industry production and marketing is not prosperous has become a certainty, especially at this stage in the winter, this is the low season combined with the implementation of haze measures, the demand for plasticizer terminal products will still show a shrinking state.Small will soon celebrate New Year's day holiday, but there has been no stock market situation, and for the first order is also expected shortage, is not only influenced by weak demand, but also by the crude oil, futures fell, peripheral bad cause operator mentality, panic, just take situation, plasticizer industry demand prospects will be constrained.

Raw materials butanol and phthalic anhydride still have lower expectations, not only on DOP, DBP cost transmission weakened, and the decline in raw materials will accelerate the decline in plasticizer products.Full-year loss for DOP, basic, affected by the transmission costs significantly, but the recent raw material octanol and method of benzene anhydride trend downward, especially octanol, has dropped to below 8000 yuan/ton, price neighbor method of benzene anhydride although has certain defensive, but also is Yin fell, lower fuel bad raw material, but also based on the loss of pressure, DOP slide basic maintain Yin fell the rhythm.As far as DBP is concerned, there will be a stable profit acquisition cycle in 2018. Although the decrease of butanol and naphthalene phthalic anhydride at the present stage also leads to the downward trend of DBP, there is still a large margin for raw material side and profit can be maintained.For butanol and phthalic anhydride is expected to still have a decline, but the plasticizer itself cost pressure is difficult to eliminate, whether it is a loss or profit situation, will still lead to businesses on the decline of the rhythm of conscious control.

New Year's day is coming, Spring Festival is also increasingly close, the lack of positive expectations of early ready for the Spring Festival the same, whether it is a continuous phase of crude oil tumbled, causing widespread bearish sentiment, or 2018 industry losses, on industry market participation enthusiasm, or affected by the period before the Spring Festival transport measures such as, the market is still filled with relatively concentrated bearish.Although a variety of negative factors in the industry, but long-term goods are not free, there is no lack of certain replenishment, but more is obvious stage.

From propylene to butanol, from o-xylene to o-phthalic anhydride, or from industrial naphthalene to naphthalene anhydride, and finally to DOP, DBP products, the overall trend is downward, and the profit is also similar, loss or profit narrowed.Entering the early stage of the Spring Festival in 2019, the expectation is not good, the external environment is bad, the domestic demand is insufficient, and the plasticizer product is weak and negative falling trend is difficult to change.


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