Analysis Of Plasticizers In PVC Films

PVC film, the full name of Polyvinylchlorid film, the main composition of PVC and plasticizer. The top layer of the surface mask is lacquer. The main ingredient in the middle is PVC, and the bottom is the back coated adhesive. It is one of the most popular, popular and widely used synthetic materials in the world. The global use of PVC films is second in all kinds of synthetic materials. PVC is the most suitable material in the material that can produce a three-dimensional surface mask.

PVC film has excellent quality assurance. It can be said that PVC is a chemical product, which is not as good as natural materials, and can not exclude toxicity and odor. It also will cause damage to the environment. But PVC film is still widely produced and used in the market. Why is this? The answer is that the raw material (synthetic vegetable ester) of PVC membrane is specially extracted and the toxic substances are completely extracted, so the PVC film is completely non-toxic and tasteless.

1. Pvc film raw material -- plasticizer

The role of plasticizer in PVC film

1. Increase the tensile strength of the film.

2, increase the viscosity and toughness of the film.

3, increase the transparency of the film;

4, increase the light stability of the film;

5. Increase the smoothness of the film.

6, increase the plasticization of the film;

Two, Pvc film plasticizer

1, synthetic plant ester (complete environmental protection)

2, also known as: dibutyl phthalate, butyl (DBP) two

3, acetyl citrate three butyl (ATBC)

4, phthalic acid two octyl ester, also known as two octyl (DOP)

Three. Analysis of synthetic ester plasticizer

1. The solubility of the synthetic plant ester and PVC molecule is good, and the oil is inhibited effectively.

2. The toughness, extention and tensile strength of the synthetic plant ester and DOP or DBP are better than that of DOP and DBP alone.

3, synthetic ester of plant ester increases cold resistance factor, so it is used normally in winter.

4. There is no need to change the formula and process of PVC film to improve the plasticizing effect.

5, ensure the quality of the film and reduce the cost of production.

6, environmental protection performance: through the Rohs, PaHS, SGS institutions REACH standard 138 certification.