Analysis On The Development Status Of Edible Oil Industry In China

Edible oil refers to the condiment oils and fats used in the process of food production. Its main function is to provide fats and other nutrients needed by the human body. It is usually divided into animal fats and vegetable fats.In recent years, the proportion of animal oil in the edible oil market is declining, and the status of vegetable oil is increasingly prominent. However, the edible vegetable oil in China mainly includes peanut oil, sesame oil, rapeseed oil, soybean oil, cottonseed oil, sesame oil, sunflower oil, etc.

According to the data, the output of refined edible vegetable oil increased significantly from 2010 to 2018.In 2017, China's total output of refined edible vegetable oil reached 60,718,000 tons, up by 2.00%.From January to November 2018, the total output of refined edible vegetable oil reached 45.624 million tons, up by 3.00%.

At present, soybean oil, palm oil, rapeseed oil and peanut oil account for nearly 90% of the total consumption of vegetable oil in China.In 2017/18, soybean oil accounted for more than half of the total, while palm oil and rapeseed oil each accounted for more than 13%.

In general, the varieties of edible oil in China will develop towards diversification, and the consumption proportion of healthy varieties such as corn oil and olive oil will increase.In the future, the edible oil industry will present the following development trends:

1. regional distribution of edible oil is obviously dissimilated

From the regional market of edible oil in China, the market of edible oil in east China is relatively mature, and the proportion of the market size of edible oil in the whole edible oil market is as high as 38%.The second is central China, north China, northeast China and south China, with 17.49%, 13.24%, 12.35% and 11.83% respectively.The edible oil market in southwest China and northwest China was smaller, accounting for 4.93% and 1.83%, respectively.In general, China's edible oil market geographical distribution is not balanced, mainly concentrated in the economically developed east China. 

2. Nutrition and health "will become the future of cooking oil market hot

With the development of science, the future edible oil market will pay more attention to the "nutrition and health" of oil on the basis of safety.For example, emphasis will be placed on the fatty acid composition of oils;The content of physiological active substances and trace elements in oil was emphasized.Pay attention to the reasonable ratio of fatty acids;Emphasis should be laid on the development and utilization of special oils, which are rich in functional ingredients to produce healthy functional oils and fats.At the same time, scientists are using scientific comparisons to find oils with the best nutritional and health value to recommend to consumers.

3. The trend of "brand", "small packaging", "high-end" and "fine differentiation" development.

After years of development, soybean oil and palm oil will dominate the oil market for a long time.In the future, under the guidance of policies, rapeseed oil, corn oil and camellia oil will also usher in greater development, and the market pattern will change.In the future, the development trend of the edible oil market industry will be towards the "four modernizations" stage, namely "branding", "small packaging", "high-end" and "fine differentiation".


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