Application Effect Of Plasticizer Chlorinated Fatty Methyl Ester

Special kind of rubber powder is produced by methyl palm oil chlorinated plasticizer, which can be used as modifier for PVC, ABS resin, phenolic resin, etc.Chlorinated palm oil methyl ester plasticizer produced *** powder is an ideal raw material for manufacturing oil resistant products, chlorinated palm oil methyl ester plasticizer is used in PVC modifier, the production of PVC modifier for hard PVC formula, can improve the brittleness of PVC resin, play a good plasticizing effect.

Methyl chlorinated palm oil plasticizer is used in PVC materials, with excellent processing performance and abrasion resistance, especially for oil and water resistant plastic products.The processing performance of the product and the characteristics of PVC products will decline.

The effect of adding DOP in the formula is to play a synergistic role with polyester in plasticizing and improve the performance of PVC products. Methyl palm oil chloride plasticizer can play an irreplaceable role in improving the quality of products.In the formulation of the amount of more than 15, chlorinated palm oil methyl ester plasticizer can make the product characteristics have a greater improvement.

Widely used in oil resistance, high temperature resistance special products, such as: oil resistance rubber hose, high temperature resistance, high humidity non-transfer cable material, high temperature resistance wire coating, insulating material, etc., for contact coating layer, rubber, polymer, ABS and rigid tight products, such as: electrical wires, refrigerator seals, tubes, equipment, etc.In the anti-pollution products for floor materials, oil-resistant gloves and rubber boots.

In contact with food can be used for packaging film, beverage hose, cap gasket.As impact modifier, it can improve the brittleness and toughening of PVC resin.Chlorinated palm oil methyl plasticizer can be used in PVC products, especially as an auxiliary agent for PVC rigid and semi-hard products, including packaging film, beverage hose, dairy machinery and cap gaskets in contact with food.


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