Application Of Industrial Hydrogen Peroxide In Chemical Industry

As one kind of strong oxidizer, industrial hydrogen peroxide is widely used in industry, food industry disinfection and environmental protection industries, such as hydrogen peroxide, also known as hydrogen peroxide, has strong corrosive, chopsticks in an hydrogen peroxide bleaching has already been banned by the state, but there are some manufacturers use of its characteristics of "dirty", processing bleaching of disposable chopsticks, once these chopsticks "poison" to market industrial hydrogen peroxide if residues on the chopsticks, may cause cancerous changes in the human gut.Some chopsticks manufacturers, in the bleaching process, in order to make the hydrogen peroxide play a greater role, but also added another very critical industrial chemical raw material - anhydrous sodium pyrophosphate, and this industrial chemical raw material is not to be underestimated.

Industrial hydrogen peroxide has oxidation effect, but medical hydrogen peroxide concentration is equal to or under 3%, wipe to traumatic face, can have burning feeling, the surface is oxidized into white, it is ok to clean with clear water, lead 3, 5 minutes to restore original color of skin.When using hydrogen peroxide disinfection will have the white small bubble to produce because hydrogen peroxide meets on the finger dust, the dirt also can decompose, the decomposition will produce water, oxygen.

Industrial hydrogen peroxide is an oxide of hydrogen other than water.Viscosity than water slightly higher, chemical properties are not stable, generally in the form of 30% or 60% of the water solution storage, the water solution commonly known as hydrogen peroxide.Hydrogen peroxide is highly oxidizing and slightly acidic.

Industrial hydrogen peroxide can be used in the following aspects: in the chemical synthesis, the production of plastic products initiator, foaming agent, plasticizer, peroxide series of main raw materials, etc.In the paper industry, mainly used for pulp bleaching;In the textile industry, cloth bleaching;In the environmental protection industry, sewage treatment.

After knowing the characteristics and USES of industrial hydrogen peroxide, it is necessary to know the matters needing attention in storage and transportation of industrial hydrogen peroxide.

In storage and transportation, industrial hydrogen peroxide should be protected from sunlight and heat, and should not be mixed with combustible materials or reducing agents.In case of container rupture or leakage, flush with plenty of water.Store in a ventilated area.

Finally, and most importantly, industrial hydrogen peroxide in personal safety considerations.Because this product is a strong oxidant, so in direct sunlight or dust and other impurities mixed can lead to violent decomposition, or even explosion.In addition, long-term contact with flammable materials such as wood chips, fibers, can cause spontaneous combustion.

In addition, the product has a bleaching and burning effect on the skin, and its steam can cause tears and irritate the mucous membranes of the nose and throat.


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