Applications Use Of Calcium Stearate

Hard calcium is a white powder, which is insoluble in water, in case of decomposition of stearic acid and corresponding calcium salt, hygroscopic. This product pungent odor is very small, but very strong degree, the product will be a significant reduction in the case of viscosity at a temperature lower than 200. Used in the production of a very wide range, in this Shandong Province Gaomi City Friends and additives Limited on the intended use of calcium stearate to do introduction.

1. The stabilizer.

Calcium stearate can be used as PVC stabilizers, but also good lubricating properties. This material can be soft products used in food packaging films and other requirements in the non-toxic. Furthermore this product can also be used as a lubricant and release agent for some products, such as amino resin, phenol resin and the like.

2. Lubricate stuck agent.

This product can be used as a lubricating agent in the oil field industry solution cards, a hard gel product can improve the speed. This product can be used as polyethylene and halogen absorbent to eliminate the bad influence of the residual catalyst and stability of color brought. Add this product simultaneously in the rubber can be a good synthetic rubber and natural rubber to soften.

3. adhesive.

Calcium stearate, not only has good stabilizers and lubricants, but also a good adhesive, and has water performance.

4. attachment.

Many people may think, this product is also used in cosmetics, this product can be used in cosmetic powder lubrication, adhesion, better performance.