Bio-plasticizer-chlorinated Fatty Acid Methyl Ester For Pvc Shoe Sole

JLD-800 is a new type of chlorinated plasticizer and exacted from palm oil ester by modification. JLD-800 can replace DOP,DINP,DBP and DOTP. In comparison with chlorinated paraffin, the advantage of JLD-800 is as below:


1, Better in intermiscibility and plasticizing efficiency. It overcomes the shortcomings of chlorinated paraffin, like bad intermiscibility, lack of flexibility etc. JLD-800 can substitute 20%~30% of main plasticizer(DOP), which effectively reduce the cost of PVC products.


2, JLD-800 measure up to EU’s import condition and can pass SGS Test, because it doesn’t contain short chain of chlorinated paraffin(C10~C13 chlorinated paraffin).


3, better cryogenic property than chlorinated paraffin.


4, excelled in flame retardation and electrical insulating


There are 3 types of chlorinated fatty acid methyl ester ,the primary difference is color shade and heating less. Detail photos as below