Biofuels Double Counting Starts In Spain

03 Jan 19, 15:16 - Biofuels, Fundamentals, Politics, Energy policy, RegulationBarcelona, 3 January (Argus) — Spain has implemented double counting against state blend mandates, for biofuels made from waste oils (UCO), fats (tallow) and other specified residues.

The adoption began on 1 January. Biofuels producers and blenders will have to account for a string of procedural measures, including provenance, sustainability verification and auditing. Spain had moved to include double counted biofuels within its sustainability criteria in May 2018.

Take-off is likely to be gradual, and producers are cautious, because domestic market regulator CNMC, strategic reserve Cores and fuels distributor CLH will all need to give the green light for implementation of the framework.

Domestic producers of biodiesel made from UCO (Ucome) and tallow (TME) met with CNMC, CLH, refiners and distributors in September. CNMC will send out a circular to producers, expected imminently, for full implementation.


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