Brief Synthesis Process For The Production Of Lead Stearate

Lead stearate as a modern industrial production more common as a raw material, is now being widely used in various fields, since the material has good thermal stability, lubricity and light, so it can be used as a polyvinyl chloride heat stabilizers and lubricants, and his heat and light stability is better, so the PVC heat stabilizers and lubricants applications will be more. There are many methods for the production of the product, Gaomi City Friends of Shandong Province and Additives Co., one of them in here.

1. The use of the metathesis method. First to 20 times the weight of stearic acid dissolved in hot water, added at a concentration of about 10 at ninety degrees Baume caustic soda, generate dilute soap. Then, lead nitrate solution was added at the same temperature metathesis.

2. The aqueous ethanol solution of the calculated amount of stearic acid and lead acetate are mixed and stirred, precipitated lead stearate soap, wash with water pouring method to non-free lead ions.

3. The molten stearic acid into a reactor, adding sodium hydroxide solution, the reaction mixture was stirred to form sodium stearate saponified solution, followed by addition of a dilute solution of lead acetate, and stirring was continued reaction, discharge, dehydration, and dried, pulverized so you can get the product.