Ca - Zn Heat Stabilizer

Ca –Zn organic complex of high efficiency. Acts as a heat stabilizer. Is nontoxic and self-lubricating. Offers good long-term heat resistance, good sulfurization and climate resistance. Provides very good compatibility with PVC, plasticizers and CCR. Is mainly employed in the series of black, deep color of soft as well as semirigid PVC electrical wires, cable materials and other environment protecting PVC plastic products. Excellent in transparency, eliminating initial color, heat stability and lubricant.. Excellent in chemical/oil resistance. Products for medical, food and cosmetics application.Calcium-based compounds have been in use for several years and have in fact become one of the most important product categories on the market for stabilisers. Calcium/zinc stabilisers in particular confer excellent mechanical features and a high level of weathering resistance. The outstanding performance of the younger Ca - Zn generations has also boosted the use of other stabiliser systems. Since early 2016, lead-based stabilisers in Europe have been fully replaced by environmentally friendly systems. 

Ca - Zn stabilizers are preferred for use in critical applications because of their low toxicity, but they are generally the least effective option in terms of thermal performance. Organotin mercaptides are widely accepted as the most efficient thermal stabilizers. However, the odor properties of the sulfur-based ligands prevent their use in most flexible PVC processes. Although Ba - Zn products have proven to be a suitable compromise between Ca - Zn and organotins from a thermal perspective, many believe that barium could be the next metal targeted by regulators. 


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