Calcium-Zinc Stabilizer Enhances Product Comprehensive Performance

Calcium and zinc stabilizer is composed of calcium salt, zinc salt, lubricant and antioxidant, which is synthesized by special composite technology and widely used in the production of PVC resin products. The use of calcium and zinc stabilizer has a lot of advantages, not much understanding can be with the small together to understand.

1 Calcium Zinc Stabilizer is a high efficiency, no lead, septum, barium and other heavy metals non-toxic calcium Zinc multi-functional composite stabilizer, Ca-Zn Stabilizer calcium and magnesium hydrotalcite-dominated heat stabilizer with calcium and zinc organic acid salt.

2 has excellent thermal stability and lubrication, both light and stable effect.

3 has excellent initial coloring and color stability, can improve the color brightness of products, both excellent electrical insulation.

4 has the unique coupling capacity, Ca-Zn Stabilizer enhances the resin and the filler compatibility, may reduce the production cost suitably, enhances the product synthesis performance.

Calcium Zinc Stabilizer for a wide range of applications, Ca-Zn Stabilizer can be used for cable materials, edge banding, calendering film, rubber shoes and other PVC resin soft products, as well as profiles, pipe, buckle board, foam board, plate and other PVC resin hard products industry.

Calcium Zinc stabilizer is widely used in PVC products processing and production, the production of PVC products have a lot of excellent performance. Here is a brief introduction to the specific role of calcium zinc stabilizer:

1, can replace the organic tin stabilizer and lead salt stabilizer, Ca-Zn Stabilizer meet the non-toxic wire and cable environmental hygiene requirements;

2, with excellent initial whiteness and thermal stability, resistance to sulfide pollution;

3, with good lubrication and unique coupling effect, to give a good dispersion of fillers, enhance and resin package, improve product performance, reduce mechanical wear, Ca-Zn Stabilizer prolong the service life of equipment;

4, both toughening and promoting melting, plastic fluidity good;

5, the PVC mixture can be given a good uniform plasticizing and high-speed melt fluidity, Ca-Zn Stabilizer so that the surface of the product smooth.

Calcium Zinc stabilizer is a kind of environmental protection and high efficiency multifunctional liquid calcium zinc compound heat stabilizer. Good thermal stability and transparency, for PVC products will not produce surface precipitation and migration phenomenon, with the heat-resistant oil, epoxy methyl ester, epoxidized soybean oil and the effect is better. Suitable for PVC slurry processing, widely used in plastic, plastic, Ca-Zn Stabilizer impregnation and other PVC processing technology.

Calcium-Zinc stabilizers not only have good compatibility and control of viscosity, but also provide good initial coloring and color preserving.

Calcium Zinc stabilizer has been proved to be an excellent heat stabilizer. Good solubility, low volatility, small mobility, good light resistance, suitable for soft pipe, granulation, calendering film, toys, conveyor belt, advertising cloth, wallpaper and other PVC products industry.