Calcium Zinc Stabilizer Enhances Product Performance

Calcium Zinc stabilizer is usually divided into: solid calcium zinc Stabilizer and liquid calcium zinc stabilizer. It has been proved by practice that calcium-zinc stabilizer is a good non-toxic stabilizer in PVC resin products, with good processability and heat stabilizing effect. The following small series for everyone to introduce the role of calcium zinc stabilizer.

Calcium Zinc Stabilizer Specific role:

1, with good lubrication and unique coupling effect, to give a good dispersion of fillers, enhance and resin package, improve product performance, reduce mechanical wear, Ca-Zn Stabilizer prolong the service life of equipment;

2, the PVC mixture can be given a good uniform plasticizing and high-speed melt fluidity, so that the surface of the product smooth.

3, with excellent initial whiteness and thermal stability, Ca-Zn Stabilizer resistance to sulfide pollution;

4, can replace the organic tin stabilizer and lead salt stabilizer, meet the non-toxic wire and cable environmental hygiene requirements;

5, both toughening and promoting melting, plastic fluidity is good

Attached: What precautions do you have when using calcium zinc stabilizers?

To confirm the green environmental protection of calcium and zinc stabilizer formula: It is necessary to pay attention to the content of heavy metals (Pb, CD, SN, BA) to meet the requirements of the new national standards.

Calcium and zinc stabilizer in the internal lubrication is strong, Ca-Zn Stabilizer to add more external lubricants.

The thermal stability of calcium-zinc stabilizer is weaker than that of lead salt, the processing window is narrower and the control requirement is higher.

The operation process of the clear mold period, Ca-Zn Stabilizer calcium and zinc stabilizer lubricant added more, easy to lead to precipitation increase, thus affecting the clear mold cycle. For large-scale production, the impact of the more stringent selection of stabilizers varieties. If it is a stabilizer, it is necessary to cooperate with the middle and late lubricating effect of PE wax or oxidized wax. Ca-Zn Stabilizer Also must strictly control the vacuum degree, may reduce the precipitation, lengthens the cleaning mold time.

Good stabilizer formula and appropriate dosage on the product appearance, material properties, anti-aging, and so on.