Calcium Zinc Stabilizer Used In Pvc Products Processing Production

Calcium and zinc stabilizer from the calcium salt, zinc, lubricants, antioxidants as the main component of the use of special composite process and synthesis. It not only can replace lead and cadmium salts and organic tin and other toxic stabilizers, but also has a very good thermal stability, light stability and transparency and color strength. Ca-Zn Stabilizer Practice has proved that in the PVC resin products, processing performance, thermal stability is equivalent to lead salt stabilizer, is a good non-toxic stabilizer.

Calcium and zinc stabilizer appearance was mainly white powder, flaky, paste.

At present, the powdered calcium and zinc stabilizer is used as the most widely used non-toxic PVC stabilizer, commonly used in food packaging, medical equipment, Ca-Zn Stabilizer wire and cable materials. At present, there have been available in the domestic PVC pipe calcium carbide stabilizer.

 Calcium and zinc stabilizers are widely used in pvc products processing production, produced pvc products with many excellent performance. The following describes the specific role of calcium and zinc stabilizer:

 1, can replace the organic tin stabilizer and lead salt stabilizer to meet the non-toxic wire and cable environmental health requirements;

 2, with excellent initial whiteness and thermal stability, resistance to sulfide pollution;

 3, with good lubrication and unique coupling effect, Ca-Zn Stabilizer giving the filler a good dispersion, and enhance the resin package, improve product performance, reduce mechanical wear and prolong the service life of the equipment;

 4, both toughening and promote the role of melting, plasticizing fluidity is good;

 5, can give PVC mixture of good uniform plastic and high-speed melt fluidity, so that products smooth surface.

Calcium and zinc stabilizer is an environmentally friendly and efficient multi-functional liquid calcium and zinc composite heat stabilizer. Thermal stability and transparency of fine, for PVC products will not produce surface precipitation and migration phenomenon, and heat-resistant oil, epoxy methyl ester, Ca-Zn Stabilizer epoxy soybean oil and the effect is better. Applicable to PVC slurry processing, widely used in slush, plastic, plastic and other PVC processing technology.

 Calcium and zinc stabilizers not only have good compatibility and control of viscosity, but also provide good initial coloring and color retention.

 The product has proven to be an excellent heat stabilizer. Good compatibility, low volatility, low mobility, good light resistance, suitable for soft pipe, granulation, calendering film, toys, conveyor belt, advertising cloth, wallpaper and other PVC products industry.