Characteristics Of Epoxidized Soybean Oil


Meets the requirements of the FDA Food Additives Rule 181.27 and 175.300. In addition, it has been approved by the Japan JHPA (PVC Food Hygiene Council) PL specification [B.7(1)] (accreditation number J-7059). Particularly suitable for food packaging or medical materials.

Low volatility, pull-out resistance and resistance to migration

B-22 and B-22D have a molecular weight of about 1000 as a plasticizer for PVC. Its volatility is 1/5 of that of DOP, and its solvent resistance is much better than that of DOP. In addition, B-22 and B-22D have low iodine values and are therefore resistant to migration.

Excellent weather resistance and heat resistance

B-22 is used in PVC products, and it is used with metal stabilizers. It has Synergitism, which greatly improves the weather resistance, heat resistance and transparency of PVC resin. At the same time, it can reduce the amount of metal stabilizer and reduce costs.

Nowadays, with the increasing awareness of environmental protection, B-22 and Ca-Zn stabilizers are non-polluting and non-toxic formulations that can replace Cd-Ba-Zn or lead stabilizers. In the flame-retardant formulation, the addition of B-22 greatly improved the stability.