China Is The World's Largest Producer Of All Kinds Of Plastic Additives

According to the latest data from the China plastics processing industry association, from January to September 2019, the total output of enterprises in the country's plastics industry reached 59,936,100 tons, up 4.12% year on year and 3.86 percentage points higher than the same period last year.


According to introduction, in the forming process of plastic products, resin, additives, processing equipment (including mold) is an indispensable basic element. In contrast, the additives in the plastic formula, although less than 8%, but the processing and application of products to improve and improve the performance of a pivotal role. It can be said that after the determination of polymer resin structure, the selection and application of additives is the key to determine the success of products.


It is reported that, after many years of efforts, China's plastic additives industry varieties, special or special function with the output gradually increased, in the green additives replacement, clean production, process improvement and other aspects have made great progress. China's total production of all kinds of plastic additives the world's first, the most complete varieties. So far, the national plastic additive consumption of about 6 million tons, among them, the consumption of plasticizer of nearly 3 million tons, heat stabilizer consumption of about 500000 tons, 400000 tons of flame retardant, resistance to impact modifier and processing aid of 400000 tons, 160000 tons of foaming agent, lubricant, 200000 tons of antioxidant 200000 tons, light stabilizer 45000 tons, coupling agent, antistatic agent were improved. Plasticizer and heat stabilizer of environmental products growth faster, non - environmental protection of the shrinking trend, other varieties are flat.


Due to the impact of international trade environment and tight implementation of domestic environmental protection policies, China's plastic additives industry will face many challenges. Some key raw materials are controlled by foreign enterprises, and domestic related enterprises need to make more efforts in core technology research and development, intellectual property protection, green safety and environmental protection.


China plastics processing industry association director wen-wei chu, adhere to the concept of ecological development, can improve the green environmental protection additives production, "along with the advancement of environmental policies and environmental standards, some use traditional backward production equipment, low level of technology is restricted to enterprise development, and technical reserves, research and development ability strong, pay attention to technology innovation, cleaner production and environmental protection and at the forefront of production enterprises to seize the new opportunities for development. "Enterprises must develop an ecological development philosophy and improve their capacity to develop clean production and green environmental additives."


At present, there are many small and micro enterprises in the plastic additive industry with low technical level, poor product quality control ability, and difficult supervision by government departments. Meanwhile, the sale of low-end or even unqualified products has damaged the overall image of the industry. The personage of the field thinks, the enterprise wants to stick to quality development strategy, improve assistant brand competition. Industry should strengthen the consciousness of quality, brand development, and actively participate in the country, industry, group of the standard system revision work, deepen the "doctrine of" action, in quality, increasing varieties, creating brand and product manufacturing, in the industry establish a benchmarking enterprise, support in strict accordance with the standard production, pay attention to product quality, the implementation of environmental transformation, in technology research and development of excellent backbone enterprises make a demonstration, share experience, driving the development of industry with high quality.


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