Chlorinated Fatty Acid Methyl Esters

Methyl chloride, the full name of methyl chloromethoxide fatty acid ester, as a new environmental protection plasticizer, the product raw materials from natural oil, in line with the current world environmental protection trend and international environmental protection requirements, and good compatibility with PVC, is a cheap and good substitute for DOP type plasticizer.

Principle of action of methyl chloride:

It is mainly reflected in the structure, with ester structure, can replace octyl phthalate, butyl ester as plasticizer.At the same time, it contains no chlorine, which can replace chlorinated paraffin to improve the flame retardant and electrical insulation of the product.Is the optimized type I product can replace the citric acid plasticizer 50~60%;Type II can replace 100% citric acid plasticizer.

It is precisely because of this principle of action, so also decided to chlorinated fatty acid methyl ester above the characteristics.

In addition, the product is made of natural oil, does not contain harmful metals and phthalates, by the Shanghai SGS testing agency testing certification.Twelve kinds of harmful substances were not detected, in line with the eu export requirements.

Usage of methyl chloride:

Adding this product in PVC plastic processing can greatly improve the toughness of PVC products, reduce the amount of its stabilizer, this product also has a certain low temperature performance, and with o-benzene plasticizer, improve the cold resistance of products.

In the flame-retardant conveyor belt with other environmental protection flame-retardant with high efficiency smoke reduction, halogen reduction.As an indispensable plasticizing and flame retardant agent in the production of low smoke and low halogen flame retardant conveyor belt, it can also replace DOP in large quantities and has good flame retardant effect. It is an ideal new type of environmental friendly and flame retardant plasticizer.JIAAO chlorinated fatty acid methyl ester can also replace a large number of chlorinated paraffin to solve poisoning and other phenomena caused by the large number of chlorinated paraffin added, making the flame retardant conveyor belt more environmentally friendly.According to the production of PVC varieties and properties and production formula, to products do not emit oil is good.


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