Chlorinated Plasitcizers

Chlorinated Plasitcizersas a new environmentally friendly plasticizer, its raw materials are derived from natural oils, in line with the current world environmental trends and international environmental protection requirements, and with PVC Good compatibility, it is an inexpensive alternative to DOP plasticizers.


Through many years of practice in the plastics industry, JIAAO chlorinated Plasitcizers has the characteristics of high plasticizing efficiency, good compatibility, large safety factor and good product flexibility. Widely used in various types of plastic film, wire, cable granulation, gas pipe, rubber strip, heat shrinkable sleeve, foam sheet, pipe, Teslin; unfilled calendered film, printed film, artificial leather industry.

Used in PVC cable material, PVC transparent material, PVC profile, polyurethane, door and window and window seal, various film, soft and hard pipe, plastic sandal, foam sandal, soft board, paint, glue, adhesive, decorative material In the use of plasticizers, such as foamed hardboards, it can reduce the production cost of more than 30% of the company.


Application principle: increase the flexibility of PVC products and enhance the cold and heat resistance of PVC products.


Application features:


1, environmental protection, does not contain o-benzene hazardous substances, the product is made of vegetable oil, can be widely used in high-end PVC products, such as foamed PVC artificial leather, garment leather, packaging materials, children's toys, through the EU REACH regulations. Home decoration materials, agricultural nozzles, fire hoses, gloves, PVC soft products, as well as transparent bottles, transparent boxes and other fields.


2, containing halogen chlorine, good flame retardant effect, excellent anti-sedimentation effect, adding a large amount in the formula.


3, the product volume resistivity is larger, an order of magnitude higher than ordinary plasticizer.


4, can increase the tensile strength of the product.


5, excellent plasticizing effect, good compatibility with other raw materials, strong bonding with PVC resin molecules, improve product flexibility.


6, with a certain stability, can reduce the use of stabilizers, reduce production costs


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