Chloromethoxy Fatty Acid Ester Plasticizer

JIAAO eco - friendly plasticizer -Chloromethoxy fatty acid ester plasticizer. It is a kind of product with higher molecular weight which is formed by transesterification of natural oils and alcohols and then chlorination reaction. This product has good compatibility with PVC and excellent plasticizing effect. It is a kind of plasticizer which is fire-resistant, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. It is especially suitable for the use of export products. It is also suitable for PVC flame-retardant conveyor belts and cable materials. PVC rain boots, PVC hoses, automotive interior leather, artificial leather and sealant strips and other industries.


Because the product has an ester structure, it can replace tributyl citrate (TBC) and can be used as an environmentally friendly plasticizer to replace DOP and DBP. At the same time, it contains chlorine, which greatly improves the flame retardancy and electrical insulation of the product. It is an ideal new environmentally friendly composite plasticizer.


In addition, the product is made of natural oil, does not contain harmful metals and phthalate esters, and has been tested and certified by Shanghai SGS testing organization. Twelve kinds of harmful substances were not detected and met the EU export requirements.


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