Classification And Performance Of Plasticizers

(1) main plasticizers

This kind of plasticizer and polyvinyl chloride are soluble, their miscibility ratio is 150:100, no exudation phenomenon.Commonly used are phthalate esters. When the number of carbon atoms in alcohols is below C8, they are more soluble than PVC resins. If carbon atoms are above C10, they are less soluble and their plasticizing performance is not good.However, under C4, the heat loss, water absorption and water extraction.


Dibutyl phthalate (DBP) and dioctyl phthalate are commonly used in PVC agricultural membranes.Dibutyl phthalate is soluble with polyvinyl chloride resin, but volatile, with high heat loss and water extraction.The comprehensive performance of dioctyl phthalate is good, the heat loss is very small, and the water extraction is very small.


(2) auxiliary plasticizers

There are two main types of plasticizers.One kind is hardy plasticizer, mainly has the dibasic acid esters, such as sebacic acid dioctyl ester (DOS), adipic acid dioctyl ester, azelaic acid dioctyl ester cyanide multi-purpose sebacic acid dioctyl ester in our country, its cold resistance is good, and lubrication to a certain extent, but with PVC resin intermiscibility is poor, easy leakage, dosage exceeds 10 processing performance is poor, so the dosage cannot too much, is 8.The other is polyester plasticizer (or polymer plasticizer), which has a large molecular weight and is characterized by less volatility.In general is adipic acid, nonadipic acid, sebacic acid and monoethylene glycol synthesis of macromolecular compounds.


(3) other types of plasticizers

There are many other types of plasticizers, such as methyl alkyl sulfonate (m-50), epoxy ester, etc.Paraffin cresol ester of alkyl sulfonate has better properties except for its poor cold resistance, which can be used instead of dioctyl phthalate.In addition to plasticity energy, epoxy ester also has stability.


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