Cold Resistant Plasticizer DOS (dioctyl Sebacate)

DOS is one of the best cold resistant plasticizers.

It is autumn now, cold resistance plasticizer should enter production busy season.

The common varieties of cold resistant plasticizers are DOS, dioctyl adipate and diisobutyl nylon.Of these varieties, diisobutyl nylon acid is the most volatile, dioctyl adipate is the second, DOS is the best.

The chemical name for DOS is di-sebacate (2-ethyl) hexyl ester, and the exact abbreviation is DEHS.

But 2-ethylhexanol is often referred to commercially as octanol, so di-ethylhexyl sebacate is commercially abbreviated as DOS.Diisooctyl sebacate is sometimes abbreviated as DOS (DiOS to be exact).The alcohols of C8, sec-octanol and n-octanol, correspond to DCS and DnOS, respectively.In fact, the chemical properties of DEHS and DiOS are very similar, and their properties as plasticizers are also very similar.DCS performance is similar, but not nearly, its plasticization and DOP is almost the same.DnOS have slightly different properties (high melting point) due to the use of linear alcohols.Although is C8 sebacate, as plasticizer, cold resistance, or DOS (here refers to DEHS), the melting point of DEHS for below 40 ℃.

Sebacic acid esters of these C8 alcohols are produced by the same process and can react at higher temperatures. Therefore, non-acid catalysts can be used for esterification.In industry, separate production units can be set up, as can DOP (dioctyl phthalate) or DOTP (dioctyl terephthalate) production units.

In addition, DOS can also be used for synthetic lubricants.


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