Commentary On The Limitations Of Epoxidized Soybean Oil

Epoxidized soybean oil, the worker's master is generally referred to as soybean oil, which is a plasticizer prepared by oxidation of soybean oil. It is mainly characterized by a pale yellow thick oily liquid at room temperature and a bit of oily ester taste. Compared with chlorinated paraffin 52 and methyl epoxide, the taste of epoxidized soybean oil is relatively light and natural. It can be used on some PVC products with strict odor requirements, such as car mats, plastic films, sheets and so on. 

The molecular weight of epoxidized soybean oil is slightly larger, so it can not fully replace DOP, DOTP, etc. on soft products. Only partial replacement, because epoxy soybean oil and PVC are not as good as DOP (also known as "oil") ), making it more restricted in the PVC soft products industry. At the same time, epoxidized soybean oil has certain influence on the loss of electrical properties and flame retardant performance. It can not use epoxidized soybean oil in high-flame-retardant insulating materials, and it also restricts the high flame retardant of epoxy soybean oil system to some extent. Application in insulation materials.


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