Converted Epoxidized Soybean Oil Is More Energy-saving And Environmentally Friendly

    The application of epoxidized soybean oil after effective conversion is also the development direction in recent years. The conversion of epoxidized soybean oil into a new type of soybean oil phosphate polyhydroxy compound and its application in coatings has achieved the effect: it is prepared by heat-soluble water-soluble alcohol which is easily compatible with water-based or solvent-based paint. Acid coating, and found that the coating curing conditions are not high, strong adhesion, and has a low VOC content and excellent impact strength and hardness. The research results of soybean oil phosphate polyhydroxy compound have opened up a low-cost way to prepare new coatings with high toughness and durability, and the preparation process is non-polluting, which has great commercial development value. Epoxy soybean oil acrylate and modified epoxy soybean oil acrylate, research and application in UV-curable optical fiber inner layer coatings, epoxy beoil acrylate coating can be used as surface metallized film coating, especially suitable for manufacturing cardboard varnish , varnish, wood varnish, pigments, etc.

     In the paint industry's development towards environmental protection and energy conservation, the application of epoxy soybean oil, including various coating applications, will be further broadened.


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