Daily Production Which Uses Barium Stearate

Lately, the field of chemical raw materials are up and down, leveled off overall. With the development of chemical industry, more and more be applied to materials and products into production and life, barium stearate is one of many materials are widely used. The name may be we are not very familiar with, but its application is very wide indeed, and here to tell you about its use.

1. This product can be used as high-temperature lubricants, high temperature and heat stabilizer additives.

2. This product can be used as heat stabilizers of PVC products.

3. The product is sometimes used as a waterproofing agent.

4. As the product long-term heat performance is better, so can be used as high-temperature powder rubber products.

5. The product has good long-term heat resistance, but also better. The product can be used as soft products among the usually soft products with cadmium or zinc in the like.