Diesel Has Good Combustion Performance

Diesel is characterized by low spontaneous combustion temperature, so the diesel engine does not need spark plugs, such as ignition device, it uses compressed air to improve air temperature, so that the air temperature exceeds the ignition test of diesel fuel, then sprayed into diesel oil, diesel spray and air mixture at the same time to ignite their own combustion. In terms of performance, Biodiesel domestic traditional diesel engine has been given a heavy volume, vibration noise and emission pollution of the impression, so the basic use of domestic cars gasoline engines, but in recent years, foreign well-known car dealers began to introduce some of the latest diesel technology to China, greatly improved the people's bias against diesel engines.

The diesel boiling point range has 180∼370℃ and 350∼410℃ two kinds. For petroleum and its processed products, the habit of low boiling point or boiling range is called light, and the contrary becomes heavy. Therefore, the former referred to as light diesel oil, Biodiesel the latter referred to as heavy diesel. The diesel oil is classified by solidification point, such as 10,-20, indicating low use temperature, and diesel oil is widely used in large vehicles and ships. Because the high speed diesel engine (automobile use) than the gasoline engine province oil, the diesel demand growth rate is more than gasoline, some small cars also switch to diesel. The quality requirements of diesel fuel are good for combustion performance and fluidity. The combustion performance of the 16-alkane value of the higher the better, Biodiesel the daqing crude oil made of 16 alkane value of up to 68. High-speed diesel engine with light diesel 16 alkane value of 42∼55, Low-speed below 35. You can't put it in a plastic bucket or you'll catch fire.

The physical properties of diesel can be judged by looking, smelling, shaking, and touching. ① See: Diesel is tea yellow or brown, white and so on. Within the 3.5 chroma number, translucent. ② smell: There is a special diesel flavor, or similar to diesel odor, no acid odor and other pungent taste. ③ shake: Produce bubble small, Biodiesel disappear slower than gasoline, good fluidity. ④ touch: Volatile slow, feel smooth.

Diesel classification: No. 10th diesel, suitable for high-speed diesel engines, No. 0, minimum temperature of 4 degrees above the area,-10th is applicable to more than 5 areas,-20th is applicable to 5 degree ―-14 degree area, 35th is applicable to 14 degree ―-29 area,-50th is applicable to 29 degrees of ―-44 degrees.

Diesel has five quality requirements: good evaporation and atomization performance, Biodiesel good low-temperature flow performance, good combustion performance, good stability and corrosion resistance and low wear resistance.

1, evaporation and atomization

In order to ensure the normal operation of high-speed diesel engine, light diesel oil should have good evaporation, so as to form a homogeneous combustible mixture with air, and the evaporation of diesel oil is evaluated by two indexes of distillation and flash point. (1) Distillation process: The distillate of diesel oil is within 200~365°c range.

(2) Flash point is also called flash fire Point, Biodiesel it is under the prescribed conditions, heating oil from the vapor of the escape of the mixture and flame contact instantaneous flash fire when the minimum temperature, in °c. The flash point of diesel is not only a project to control the evaporation of diesel oil, Biodiesel but also a project to ensure diesel safety.

2, Liquidity

The fluidity of diesel oil is mainly expressed by viscosity, condensation point and cold filter point.

(1) Viscosity is an important use of diesel oil performance indicators, in the standard requirements of the viscosity range, to ensure that diesel engine fuel system good lubrication, Biodiesel to ensure that diesel has a good teaching atomization performance and supply capacity, so as to ensure that diesel has a good combustion performance.

(2) The condensate point is the limit temperature of diesel oil storage, transportation and sending and receiving operation, which is the highest temperature that the diesel oil loses its fluidity when the cold starts to solidify under the prescribed conditions.

(3) The cold filter point refers to the maximum temperature of a diesel engine which is not able to pass through the filter net. The same kind of diesel oil, cold filter point is higher than the condensate point 4-6°c.

3. Burning Property

The burning of diesel fuel is also called ignition, which indicates the ability of diesel to combust. Biodiesel The index of diesel fuel combustion performance is 16 alkane value. The 16 alkane value refers to the volume percent of N-16 alkanes in standard fuels with the same combustion performance as diesel fuel. Diesel oil with a high value of 16 is easy to start, homogeneous and complete combustion, high engine power and low fuel consumption.

4, stability

The stability of diesel oil refers to the ability of diesel to resist oxidation during storage and transportation. The indexes of evaluating the stability of light diesel oil are mainly expressed by total insoluble matter and 10% residual carbon residue, the greater the value, the less the stability of diesel oil, the more easily oxidized and deteriorated, the color deepened to black, gum increased, the more easily in the engine to generate carbon, the storage and use of diesel oil has a great impact.

5, corrosive

Whether it is light diesel or heavy diesel, can not have a large corrosive, Biodiesel otherwise it will corrode the engine, shorten the service life. The corrosiveness of diesel oil is controlled by three indexes including sulphur content, acidity and corrosion of copper sheet.