Diesel Is Tea Yellow Or Brown

The diesel boiling point range has 180∼370℃ and 350∼410℃ two kinds. For petroleum and its processed products, the habit of low boiling point or boiling range is called light, and the contrary becomes heavy. Therefore, the former referred to as light diesel oil, the latter referred to as heavy diesel. The diesel oil is classified by solidification point, such as 10,-20, indicating low use temperature, Biodiesel and diesel oil is widely used in large vehicles and ships. Because the high speed diesel engine (automobile use) than the gasoline engine province oil, the diesel demand growth rate is more than gasoline, some small cars also switch to diesel. The quality requirements of diesel fuel are good for combustion performance and fluidity. The combustion performance of the 16-alkane value of the higher the better, Biodiesel the daqing crude oil made of 16 alkane value of up to 68. Biodiesel High-speed diesel engine with light diesel 16 alkane value of 42∼55, Low-speed below 35. You can't put it in a plastic bucket or you'll catch fire.

The physical properties of diesel can be judged by looking, smelling, shaking, and touching. ① See: Diesel is tea yellow or brown, white and so on. Within the 3.5 chroma number, translucent. ② smell: There is a special diesel flavor, or similar to diesel odor, no acid odor and other pungent taste. ③ shake: Produce bubble small, disappear slower than gasoline, good fluidity. ④ touch: Volatile slow, feel smooth.

Diesel: Light petroleum products, complex hydrocarbons (carbon atoms of about 10~22) mixtures. For diesel fuel. Mainly from crude oil distillation, catalytic cracking, hot cracking, hydrocracking, petroleum coking process produced by the production of diesel distillate, can also be made from shale oil processing and coal liquefaction. Divided into light diesel oil (boiling point range of about 180~370℃) and heavy diesel (boiling range of about 350~410℃) two major categories. Widely used in large vehicles, railway locomotives, ship ships. Biodiesel The most important performance of diesel fuel is ignition and fluidity. ① Ignition. High-speed diesel engine requires that diesel fuel injection into the combustion chamber quickly formed a homogeneous mixture of air, and immediately automatic ignition burning, so the demand for easy combustion. The interval from the beginning of the fuel injection into the cylinder to the start of the ignition is called a delayed ignition period or a fire lag period. Biodiesel The fuel spontaneous combustion point is low, the ignition period is short, that is, the fire performance is good. Generally, 16-alkane value is used as the index to evaluate the spontaneous combustion of diesel. ② liquidity. The condensation point is an important index to evaluate the fluidity of diesel oil, which indicates that the minimum temperature of fuel can be transported without heating. Biodiesel The condensate point of diesel oil is the maximum temperature when the oil is cooled to a loss of fluidity under specified conditions. The condensate point is also high when the content of paraffin in diesel oil is high and the boiling point is higher. The general use of diesel oil requires that the condensate point below the ambient temperature 3~5℃.

The boiling point range and viscosity are between kerosene and lubricating oil in the liquid petroleum fractions. is a complex mixture of the boiling point range of 180~370℃ and 350~410℃ two categories. From crude oil, shale oil, etc. through the process of direct distillation or cracking system. According to the different nature of crude oil, paraffin-based diesel oil, naphthenic-alkyl diesel oil, naphthenate-aromatic diesel and so on. Biodiesel Depending on the density of the oil and its processing products, the customary on the boiling point or the low boiling range is called light, the contrary becomes heavy. Generally divided into light diesel and heavy diesel. Paraffin-based diesel is also used as raw material for pyrolysis of ethylene and propylene, and as an absorbent oil.

The diesel oil is classified by solidification point, such as 10,-20, indicating low use temperature, and diesel oil is widely used in large vehicles and ships. Mainly used as a diesel engine liquid fuel, because of the high speed Diesel engine (automotive) than the gasoline engine fuel, Biodiesel the demand for diesel oil growth is greater than gasoline, some small cars have switched to diesel.