Differences Of Naphthenic Oil And Paraffin Oil And Aromatic Oil

Commonly used oil polarity and non-polar oil, polar oil such as DOP, DOS for polar rubber, such as NBR, CR;Non-polar oils such as naphthenes and paraffin oils are used for non-polar rubber such as NR, SBR and EPDM.

Classification of rubber oils

As a high boiling fraction of petroleum, rubber oil is composed of complex hydrocarbon compounds with molecular weight ranging from 300 to 600.According to the main components of oil, rubber oil can be divided into the following three:

(1) aromatic oil:

Mainly aromatic hydrocarbon.Brown viscous liquid, best compatibility with rubber, good processing properties, fast absorption.Suitable for natural rubber and many kinds of synthetic rubber;Disadvantages are pollution, should be used in dark rubber products.

Naphthenic oil:

Mainly cycloalkanes.Light yellow or transparent liquid, less compatible with rubber than aromatic oil, but less polluting than aromatic oil, suitable for NR and many kinds of synthetic rubber.

(3) paraffin oil:

Also known as alkanes oil, the main chain or branched alkanes.Colorless or yellow transparent liquid, mostly used in saturated rubber, pollution or pollution, should be used in light rubber products

Is often used in rubber and plastic auxiliary Paraffin oil (Paraffin oil) and Naphthenic oil, Naphthenic oil), commonly used Paraffin oil more at ordinary times.Paraffin and naphthenic oils are white and yellow in color.Paraffin oil of model number 70, 150, 300, 500, industrial grade, food grade, medical grade, naphthenic oil of model number 300, 500, KN4010, KN4006, etc.Both liquid in appearance.What is paraffin oil below specific introduction, what is naphthenic oil.

Paraffin oil is a product with high paraffin content, low aromatic content and high flash point refined by dewaxing sulfuric acid in lubricating oil fraction.It makes up for the defects of replacing rubber processing oil with mechanical oil, transformer oil and oil in the rubber industry.Naphthenic oil is made from naphthenic crude oil, mainly cyclopentane.Cyclohexane and its homologues.It has good antioxidant stability and chemical stability, so this product is environmentally friendly and non-toxic, and most of the rubber compatibility is excellent, has a good applicability of products.


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