The Popular Eco-frinedly Plasticizers In 2018

Plasticizer is one of the world's largest plastic additives for production and consumption.China has become the largest producer and consumption of plasticizer in Asia.With the improvement of environmental awareness around the world, the plastic products such as medicine and food packaging, daily necessities, toys and other plastic products have put forward higher purity and hygienic requirements for main plasticizers.Therefore, the following environmental plasticizers are more in line with the high requirements:

1. Biodegradable plasticizer plant oil-based plasticizer is a kind of high efficiency, non-toxic degradable plasticizer.Danish scientists have used vegetable oil to develop a plasticizer that can directly replace the traditional phthalic acid plasticizer, which has been sold and used in eu countries.Available in higher requirements for health such as polymer materials contact with food, toys and medical equipment, its application in commercial cap, seal the inner film for the first time, and other sex and food contact plastic products.Without hormone stimulation, completely biodegradable, even if mistakenly eaten into the body is not harmful, can be excreted through metabolism.

2. Citrate esters plasticizer to plant by the fermentation production of citric acid as raw materials in synthesis of citrate esters plasticizer and abroad have realized this kind of environmentally friendly PVC citrate plasticizer industrialized production, the product has entered the United States, Japan, Europe and other markets.The United States, the European Union and other developed countries have successively a regulation, allowing citric acid ester as children's toys, sanitary products and other products is closely related to the human body and health products of plastic additives one of high demand.Citric acid ester products as a new environmental protection plastic plasticizer, avirulent insipidity, can replace traditional phthalic acid esters plasticizer, widely used in cosmetics, daily necessities, toys, and other fields, is also a important chemical intermediates.

3. Epoxidation plasticizer main varieties: epoxy plasticizer epoxidized soybean oil, epoxy acetyl linoleic acid methyl ester, epoxy chaff butyl oleate, epoxy cicada chrysalis oleic acid butyl ester, epoxy soybean oil will ester, etc.It is suitable for the application of plastic products, automobile plastics and food packaging.

4. Polyester plasticizer as a new plasticizer with excellent performance, polyester plasticizer has a wide range of applications.Because the relative molecular weight of polyester plasticizer is very similar to PVC, it has high affinity and low toxicity, low volatility, resistance to extraction and migration.Widely used in oil resistant cable, gas, traffic, waterproofing materials, artificial leather, children's toys, dairy products, beverage hose machinery and cap gasket, oil resistant, high temperature resistant wire coated layer tube, interior senior decoration and other products.The polyester plasticizer is used in rubber products, which can make rubber heat resistant, oil resistant, anti-swelling and resistant, and improve the process performance of rubber.


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