Do You Know The Applications Of Epoxy Soybean Oil In Coatings?

As a solvent resistance, thermal stability, light stability, good epoxy soybean oil, since its appearance and use, it has been accepted by a wide range of consumers, and it is also not widely used in food packaging materials, pharmaceutical products, etc. Industry production. With the development of the industry in the direction of saving resources, the application of epoxy soybean oil in the field of coatings is increasing. Do you know the application of epoxy soybean oil in coatings?

    Epoxidized soybean oil is a new type of soybean oil phosphate polyhydroxy compound. In fact, it has achieved very good results in its application in coatings. The use of epoxy soybean oil is easily compatible with water-based baking paint to prepare a heat-curing water-soluble Alkyd coating, and found that the coating curing conditions are not demanding, strong adhesion, and has a lower VOC content and excellent impact strength and hardness. The research results of epoxy soybean oil phosphate polyhydroxy compounds have opened up a low-cost way for the coating industry to prepare new coatings with high toughness and good durability, which is of great commercial development value.

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