Do You Understand The Purpose Of Adding Additives To Plastics?

The purpose of adding additives to plastics is to improve the processing performance, improve the efficiency and reduce the cost. The proportion of additives in plastic materials is small, but it has a great impact on the quality of plastic products. Different types of plastic, due to the molding process and different conditions of use, the type and dosage of additives required are also different.

Main auxiliary has the following kind: plasticizer: plasticizer can increase the softness of plastic, extensibility, plasticity, reduce plastic flow temperature and hardness, be helpful for the molding of plastic products. Commonly used are phthalate esters, sebacate esters, chlorinated paraffin and camphor, etc. The one we see a lot is camphor. Flame retardant: the additives that can improve the flame resistance of plastics are called flame retardants. Most plastics containing flame retardants have self-extinguishing properties or slow burning rate. Commonly used flame retardants include antimony oxide, aluminum, boron compounds, halides, phthalic anhydride, tetramethylphthalic anhydride, etc.


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