Domestic PVC Market Or Will Maintain A Weak Market

PVC: the price of domestic PVC market fell slightly last Friday. V1909 futures opened low after continuing to go down, night disk broken 40 line support. Day disk slightly repair, in the average near the operation, the closing price above the 40 average line, reduce the volume of the warehouse under the shadow of the small Yin line. From the perspective of PVC enterprises, most of the prices of enterprises in various regions are still stable quotations, and some of them have been reduced in price, falling by 30-50 yuan/ton. In addition, some enterprises are still offering bulk concessions. Spot market, the market price of each main selling area fell back slightly, each main selling area atmosphere is not good, merchants offer small drop and the phenomenon is more common. Some businesses have the intention to sell, upside down. Downstream product enterprises, enterprises order quantity is not high, and the existence of price behavior, the market low frequency now deal more depressed. Current calcium carbide method 5 mainstream price reference 6700-6980 yuan/ton, ethylene material mainstream reference 7100-7300 yuan/ton, high model supply price 100-150 yuan/ton.


It is expected that the domestic PVC market will remain weak today, and the adjustment range is expected to be around 30-50 yuan/ton.


Many factors: wuhai calcium carbide shipment status is different, the price change is not big, calcium carbide maintain high offer; Most PVC enterprises adopt pre-sale policy, less inventory, in addition to junzheng, letter, hanhua and other enterprises overhaul led to a reduction in supply, in the short term to support the price; Ethylene factory delivery is good, part of the east China factory delivery line, sales orders in August.


Bearish factors: V1909 futures empty single increased position more, the end of the market closed down, the spot market atmosphere has been suppressed; Market merchants offer most small drop, part of the goods holders actively cash under the phenomenon of upside down; Some PVC factories have signed orders with reduced prices. In addition, some enterprises offer discounts for large orders with large quantities, reducing the cost of goods for merchants. Downstream products enterprises are not willing to accept orders, and the existence of price reduction behavior.


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