DOP/DBP Analysis And Forecast Of Future Development Prospect

The full name of DOP plasticizer in Chinese is dioctyl phthalate, DOP plasticizer is an important universal plasticizer, DOP plasticizer is colorless oil, this kind of DOP plasticizer is insoluble in water, but DOP plasticizer is soluble in most organic solvents.

Application of DOP plasticizer:

1. General grade DOP plasticizer.This kind of DOP plasticizer is widely used in plastics, rubber and other industries. PVC materials with DOP plasticizer can be used to manufacture artificial leather, agricultural film and packaging materials.

2. Electrical grade DOP plasticizer.In addition to all properties of general grade DOP plasticizer, DOP plasticizer also has good electrical insulation properties. This kind of DOP plasticizer is mainly used to produce wire and cable.

3. Food-grade DOP plasticizer.Food-grade DOP plasticizer is mainly used in the production of food packaging materials.

4. Medical grade DOP plasticizer.Medical grade DOP plasticizer is mainly used in the production of medical and health products, and this kind of DOP plasticizer is mainly reflected in disposable medical devices and medical packaging materials.


The fate of DOP plasticizer

The European Union put three phthalates, including DOP plasticizers, directly on its "elimination list" of chemicals several years ago.This means that without special authorization, DOP plasticizers will become extinct in the eu market.The United States, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Argentina and other countries have also made similar restrictions on the content of DOP plasticizer in all plastic products related to human body and sanitary food, such as toys.

DOP plasticizer is widely used in the field of polymer, and the application level of DOP plasticizer is also very high.However, it is worth noting that some chemical properties of DOP plasticizer have potential toxic effects on people and damage the environment. Therefore, in the long run, in the future plastic chemical field, DOP plasticizer will inevitably escape the fate of being replaced by environmental protection plasticizer.

With the increasing emphasis on environmental protection and ecology, the market share of traditional phthalate plasticizers has been increasingly limited, and many traditional plasticizer enterprises have been impacted by overcapacity and have stopped operating.In terms of DOP, there are 40,000 tons/year device shutdowns in northeast China;60,000 tons/year of plant shutdowns in guangdong;In north China, 105,000 tons of units were shut down and 40,000 tons were converted into dioctyl terephthalate units.In shandong, 200,000 tons of devices are in OEM status, while in east China, 290,000 tons of devices are shut down, another 100,000 tons of devices are removed, and the 210,000 tons of devices are mainly OEM, which cannot be produced in a short term. Therefore, this year, 1,045,000 tons of devices are shut down or cannot be started normally.

Plasticizer industry since 2016, in the event, whether it's children's wear mandatory standard GB31701-2015 "the babies and infants and children textile product safety technical incredible accomplishments fei" restrictions on the use of 6 kinds of plasticizer, poison cover events, or both in the submitted proposal calls for countries to support environmental protection plasticizer industry, such as the future for the development of the traditional plasticizer limit will be rising,and excess competition in an industry, contradictions will be intensified.


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