DOP units were restarted after they were shut down in 2018, the output promoted obviously compared with that in 2017, the market competition pressure increased in each region, which caused the enterprise cost to be in loss for a long time, it was in sharp contrast to the considerable market profit of octanol, and driven by the cost, the DOP price was obviously higher than that in 2017. However, Sino-US trade war and the order status of terminal related PVC soft plastic products became the annual market focus in the industry.


Few newly-added DOP capacity would be put into production in 2019, with the regional competition pressure, meanwhile, DINP, DOTP and related products are also devouring DOP market demand share as the price difference, environmental policy and other related factors are taken into account.  Whether the homemade supply volume will change? Whether the DOP profit can turn to be positive from negative? Under the circumstance of Sino-US trade war, how about the impact of export situation of terminal PVC soft plastic products?  All the above factors are unknown.


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