EBB Urges Argentina Biodiesel Duties By Year End

04 Dec 18, 15:00 - Biofuels, Biodiesel, Politics, Taxation and royaltiesBrussels, 4 December (Argus) — The EU should impose definitive countervailing duties on imports of "subsidised" Argentinian biodiesel before the end of the year, according to producer organisation European Biodiesel Board (EBB).

"We have suffered massive injury from Argentina's subsidies over the last 18 months. So, final approval of definitive duties should come as soon as possible," said EBB secretary general Raffaello Garofalo.

Garofalo hopes that the EU's trade defence committee, composed of EU member state officials, could formally approve countervailing duties on 18 December or at a next meeting in January 2019. He said a "large, large" majority of EU states will vote to support the commission's proposal for duties set at 26.2pc for Louis Dreyfus, 25pc for Group Renova, 33.4pc for Group T6 and for an 'all other companies' grouping, and 28.2pc for COFCO Argentina and Cargill SACI.

The commission launched its anti-subsidy investigation in January 2018 on this basis of an EBB complaint.

The EBB is awaiting, in the "next days", a decision by the commission to investigate allegedly subsidised biodiesel imports from Indonesia.

"It is not just Argentina. Indonesia has very large subsidies for biodiesel producers. It is crucial for our industry," Garofalo told Argus.


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