Eco-friendly Plasticizer DOTP Continuous Process To Achieve A New Breakthrough

      The key technology development project of continuous production of Ecot-friendly plasticizer undertaken by the institute of forestry and chemical engineering of the Chinese academy of forestry has passedthe appraisal of achievements organized by jiangsu society of environmental science.The overall technical level of the project has reached the international advanced level, among which the continuous production technology of diisooctyl terephthalate (DOTP) has reached the international leading level.The energy consumption per unit product can be reduced by more than 20% and the production time can be shortened by more than 10%. 

      According to expert opinion, the results such as grease, terephthalic acid as raw materials, from the technological conditions of the existing scientific research personnel and invented the plasma fluidized pretreatment and compound catalytic technology, innovative research and development of plasticizer migration has been reactive plasticizer, high flash point epoxy dimer fatty acid methyl ester plasticizer such as environmental protection products, pioneering a new environmental friendly plasticizer DOTP continuous production process, solve the intermittent method problem such as high energy consumption of the production process, quality is not stable.This result has remarkable economic and environmental benefits, and has a good demonstration and promotion effect on the development of environmental protection plasticizer industry.

      According to the introduction, this new fluidized bed continuous synthesis DOTP process, the raw material slurry will be first reaction, reaction sufficient, short time, low energy consumption, and can achieve continuous production. In the process of continuous preparation of devices, including the reaction kettle, followed by slurry tank, feed pump, series, such as reactor, reaction kettle and circulating pump closed loop, reaction kettle, oil-water separator, octanol pot up,  pot up, the reflux pump and heater in a closed loop, the material through the loop in the reaction kettle stirring evenly mixed, and reducing energy consumption. The pressure retention at the initial stage of the reaction is no higher than 0.3mpa, which is conducive to the reaction system entering the main reaction stage as soon as possible, quickly reaching the optimal reaction temperature and improving the reaction rate.The negative pressure at the late stage of the reaction caused the reaction to move in a positive direction, increasing the return flow rate of isooctyl alcohol and dehydration rate to increase the reaction rate.

      It is understood that the project unit has built the continuous demonstration production line of environmental protection plasticizer with annual output of 10,000 tons, realizing the continuous production of DOTP, reducing energy consumption per unit product by more than 20% and production time by more than 10%. The product of environmental plasticizer DOTP reached the industry standard and passed the SGS certification,and have good utilize effect. 

      As public concern over health grows, more and more countries are banning phthalic plasticizers.DOTP is a new environmental protection plasticizer with excellent performance, which can be widely used in various fields, especially in temperature resistant cable. Moreover, the raw material of DOTP, terephthalic acid, can be extracted from waste polyester such as waste mineral water bottles, which can reduce production cost, reduce environmental pollution and realize waste reuse.


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