Eco-friendly Plasticizers Presents Good Opportunity?

The stringent regulations along with a supply of harmful phthalates, such as DOP, DBP, BBP, and DEP. have led to the development of eco-friendly plasticizers as a replacement to the traditional phthalates. Approximately 90.0% of all plasticizers are consumed by PVC manufacturers to modify the property of their PVC products according to the requirement of the end user. Plasticizers are the key component used to make soft PVC where flexibility and durability are essential properties required. They are used in a variety of applications, such as flooring, automotive interiors, cables, and toys. The plasticizers industry is focused on introducing safer alternatives with the most recent focus on bio-based and renewable feedstock that provide a more favorable environmental footprint. Due to their harmful nature and various legislations, phthalates plasticizers are being replaced with alternatives, such as bio-based plasticizers. Hence, suppliers are introducing bio-based alternatives to serve the demand for environmentally friendly plasticizers. Thus, bio-based plasticizers are expected to be a crucial opportunity for the market players to capitalize. 

JIAAO specialized in manufacture the eco-friendly plasticizers, such like ESBO,DOTP,DOA,DOS,TOTM,EFAME,DINCH and other self - developed compound plasticizers. 


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