Environment-friendly PVC Plasticizer---Epoxidized Soybean Oil

As the cheap, non-toxic, environment-friendly, thermal stability, light stability and solvent resistance, epoxidized soybean oil is widely used in the production of PVC plasticizer, food packaging materials, medical products and so on. With the development of the coating industry to save resources, energy and reduce pollution, ESBO has attracted the interest of researchers at home and abroad with its unique properties. 

Domestic researches on the coating with ESBO in recent years, mainly in the ultraviolet (UV) curing it acrylate free radical system, and its price is cheap, strong photosensitivity and coating film performance is good. Some research also involves the cationic curing system, ESBO viscosity is low, the polymerization rate is moderate, it is very suitable for cationic light curing system, and cation membrane adhesion, aggregation, fast curing, etc.


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