Epoxy fatty acid methyl ester (EFAME), as a secondary plasticizer,product use: as a new type of plasticizer and stabilizer, mainly used in PVC resin, non-toxic PVC products, used in food packaging materials, medical supplies, materials, construction industry in water, the production of PVC products performance (including mechanical processing performance, weatherability and plasticizing properties) to meet the international standard requirements.

Product application embodiment 1: production of PVC hard board, hard pipe, hard toys, etc., the use life of methyl ester of epoxy fatty acid is 30-50%;Product application example 2: production of PVC artificial leather, sandals, soft toys, record materials, medical equipment, automobile floor materials, agricultural nozzle, fire hose, printed matter, gloves, etc.Product application embodiment 3: production of PVC film, hose, etc., use of epoxy fatty acid methyl ester is 20-30%;Product application embodiment 4: the use amount of methyl ester of epoxy fatty acid is 30-50% in the production of rubber products.

In the above application implementation, according to the soft and hard degree of the product, the added amount is between 30-50%. The larger the added amount, the softer the product will be, and the following effects can be achieved:

1. Keep the toughness and softness of the product at low temperature, increase the folding resistance of the product and extend the service life of the product.The corresponding relationship between the adding proportion and the number of twists and turns is as follows:

Epoxy fatty acid methyl ester ratio 10%, 20%, 30%

Number of tortuosity (rupture) : 2000,12000,36000

2. The stability of products is greatly improved and the stable dosage of barium, cadmium and zinc is reduced. For example, 20-30% epoxy fatty acid methyl ester is added to PVC products, which can reduce the usage of barium, cadmium and zinc stabilizer by more than 30%.

Considering the high price of ESO in the current Chinese market,we hope that more and more customers will consider using EFAME as an alternative.Thank you.


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